Ontodia - simple and free online OWL and RDF diagramming tool with no programming involved

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Step 1
Define data source

Upload RDF files or configue SPARQL-endpoint

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Step 2
Build a diagram

Construct a new diagram over your data

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Step 3
Share with others

Share diagrams just like you do with files on Google drive

Demo video

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Always at hand

No need to install anything. Your work is always safe and accessible in the cloud for you and your collaborators

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Visual data exploration

You can upload the new unfamiliar data or ontology and start exploring it in a diagram form

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User friendly diagrams

Ontodia supports drag'n'drop of data to the diagram and the use of mobile devices

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Users control their content

Subscribers control their diagrams and data sources: they can share, publish their work on Internet and work in teams

Diagram samples made in Ontodia

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